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ダビパク v3.8.5 MOD APK (Débloqué) Download

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App Name ダビパク
Genre Simulation
Size 78.79MB
Latest Version 3.8.5
MOD Info Débloqué
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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ダビパク MOD APK 3.8.5, Free

▼△Login gift for new owners△▼We are giving away famous jockeys and famous horses! Please use it for breeding and training your beloved horse! !◇ Thanks to you, the cumulative total has exceeded 10 million owners ◇G1, Aiming to conquer overseas races, hot races are being held!●○Major update completed○●Awaken the stallion and aim for the strongest horse! Challenge historical horses in the "Legend Cup"!Derby Impact, the ultimate evolution of a racehorse breeding game that fascinates all horse racing fans and sports simulation game fans!Jockeys, horses, racetracks, and races all use their real names, and full 3D graphics recreate the racing scene!*This game runs on Android 5.1 or higher, but it may not work properly on some devices.-------------------------≪Dabi Paku≫ Game contents-------------------------◆ What is “Derby Impact [Free Horse Racing Game/Training Simulation]”?This is a free-to-play 3D racehorse breeding simulation game where you take on the challenge of breeding, training, and racing racehorses as an owner.Production of star horses aiming for the classic triple crown, complete domination of all G1 races, legend cups where you can compete with successive star horses, challenges in online races where you can compete with owners nationwide, and mastering deep compounding theory to create original horses. There are as many ways to enjoy it as there are owners, such as creating a bloodline.◆ Easy even for beginners ♪Let's train your horse in various training courses such as "Slope" and "Pool" according to characteristics such as "speed" and "stamina", and legs such as "escape" and "precedence".It is up to the owner to develop the horse's strengths or compensate for its weaknesses. For beginners, a secretary or trainer will look at your horse's condition and state, and will give you precise instructions on training content, meals, races, etc., so even beginners can easily raise their horse!◆ That famous horse too! That famous jockey! JRA's G1 race too! Appeared in real name!In races that correspond to the JRA racing calendar, such as the Kikuka Sho, the Emperor Sho, the Japanese Derby, and the Arima Kinen,Triple crown horse Orfevre, Kitasan Black, Lord Kanaloa, and other horses of the year, as well as 2016 Derby horse Makahiki and other powerful rival horses appear under their real names.In addition, super jockey “Yutaka Take” jockey, 2016 leading jockey “Keita Tosaki” jockey, “Yuichi Fukunaga” jockey, “Shun Hamanaka” jockey,It is also possible to ask more than 50 famous jockeys such as "M. Demuro" jockey and "C. Lemaire" jockey to ride and develop the race to your advantage. Aim to conquer G1 with your favorite jockey!*Main top jockeysYutaka Take/Yuichi Fukunaga/Kousen Iwata/Kenichi Ikezoe/Norihiro Yokoyama/Shun Hamanaka/Hiroyuki Uchida/Keita Tosaki* Main stallions (stallions)Jungle Pocket/Deep Impact/Stay Gold/King Kamehameha/Kurofune/Symbori Chris S/Hearts Cry*Main rival star horsesOrfevre/Kizuna/Goldship/Epiphaneia/Gentildonna/Duramente/Satono Diamond◆Reproduce the racecourse with full 3D graphicsAll 10 JRA racetracks, including the Tokyo Racecourse, and 5 regional racetracks, including the Oi Racecourse, are reproduced in full 3D graphics!Japan Derby, Satsuki Sho, Arima Kinen, each G1, Hanshin Grand Prize, Kyoto Shimbun Hai, and other heavy prize races, as well as local heavy prize races such as the Tokyo Grand Prize and Emperor’s Prize, will appear with their real names!Experience the feeling of winning a G1 race with your beloved horse.* All 10 JRA racetracksSapporo Racecourse/Hakodate Racecourse/Niigata Racecourse/Fukushima Racecourse/Nakayama Racecourse/Tokyo Racecourse/Chukyo Racecourse/Kyoto Racecourse/Hanshin Racecourse/Kokura Racecourse*Regional racetrackMorioka Racecourse/Urawa Racecourse/Funabashi Racecourse/Oi Racecourse/Kawasaki Racecourse*G1 raceArima Memorial/Kikuka Award/Japan Cup/Oka Award/Emperor Award/Queen Elizabeth Cup/Mile Championship/Satsuki Award/Japan Derby (Tokyo Yushun)/Tokyo Grand Award*G2 raceAoba Award/Kyoto Newspaper Cup/All-Comer/Sapporo Memorial/Yomiuri Milers Cup/Hanshin Grand Prize/Nikkei Award/Spring Stakes/Keio Cup Spring Cup/Kinshachi Award*JPN1 raceJBC Classic/Japan Dirt Derby/All Japan 2-year-old Yushun/Emperor Award/Kawasaki KinenLet's bring out the horse's ability to the maximum by trainingConsider the condition and leg quality of the racehorse and assemble the training menu. Strengthen your horse's abilities by selecting training courses such as dirt, slopes, and pools, combined horses, and the intensity of chasing.Whether to develop strengths or compensate for weaknesses, the horse's training policy is also left to the owner's hands. Adjusting the horse's weight and proper rest are also important points for mastering the game.◆ Let's produce the strongest horse by making full use of combination theoryThe production of foals is also an important job of the owner. More than 100 real stallions such as the leading sire “Deep Impact”, “King Kamehameha”, “Neo Universe” and even the legendary large stallion “Sunday Silence” will appear.Of course, retired racehorses can also be turned into broodmares and stallions. Mastering deep compounding theories such as in-breed and Knicks, and connecting your own pedigree to the next generation will be the shortcut to producing the strongest horses.◆Challenge the successive famous horses! legend cupThe Legend Cup is a new race that is different from offline races, VS races, and friend races.Participation conditions for the Legend Cup are 10 or more G1/JPN1 wins in offline races.As with VS races, you can register horses to run and challenge the Legend Cup using Legend Cup challenge tickets from among the registered horses.◆Aim for the No. 1 owner in the online race!In the VS race, which is held once every 5 minutes, you will race online in real time with rival owners nationwide. Aim for No.1 owner!Awaken the stallion and aim for the strongest horse!You can awaken a specific stallion using various cups obtained from legend cups. Various abilities are granted by awakening, and abilities can be inherited by producing progeny.Progeny that have inherited the ability will have the effect of the ability activated at a certain rate when participating in a race that meets the activation conditions, making it possible to advance the race to an advantage.Also, you can raise the level of awakening by using cups obtained from legend cups. As the level of Awakening increases, the ability activation rate increases.◆ Full 3D graphics reproduce powerful racing scenesAll 10 JRA racetracks, including the Tokyo Racecourse where the Japanese Derby is held, and the Arima Kinen Nakayama Racecourse, are fully reproduced in full 3D.In the 3D race scene, you can choose between an auto camera reminiscent of a TV broadcast and a manual camera that allows the player to switch angles and target horses in real time.You can enjoy the powerful race development that makes your hands sweat from various angles.◆ Anyone can enjoy easily with simple operationWith a vertical screen that can be played with one hand, you can easily play in a little free time.The secretaries and trainers kindly support the difficult training menu and race selection for horse racing beginners.You can master the training of your horse by looking at your horse's condition, leg quality, and horse weight and giving accurate instructions.◆ Basic play is free!Some items are paid, but you can conquer G1 for free! Horse racing simulation "Derby Impact"!Both the famous horse and the jockey are real names! Full 3D races and training menus are abundant! "Dapipaku" goes beyond the realm of Android games!◆ Distribute horse racing informationWe are distributing information that can be used as a reference in actual horse racing, such as daily sports horse racing information and heavy prize predictions, for free!◆Recommended for people like this・ Those who want to master horse racing・ Those who want to enjoy horse racing even if the betting ticket is lost・ Those who like horse racing medal games・ Those who regularly check the latest odds information and JRA official race result information・People who want to train the most popular horse with winning odds・Those who usually purchase betting tickets online while checking the latest real-time odds.[App overview]■Android(TM) appTitle: Derby Impact [Free Horse Racing Game/Training Simulation]Compatible models: Devices with Android 5.1 or higher that can use network communication *Excluding some devicesUsage fee: Free (item charge system)■ Devices not compatible with Android check from the URL above.*You cannot earn money or rewards according to gameplay, such as winning races in this game.*This game is recommended for those who can purchase actual pari-mutuel betting tickets.*Playing this game does not guarantee that the winning rate will increase in actual gambling or that you will win an actual pari-mutuel betting ticket.

ダビパク Introduction

ダビパク En tant que jeu simulation très populaire récemment, il a gagné beaucoup de fans dans le monde entier qui aiment les jeux simulation. Si vous souhaitez télécharger ce jeu, en tant que plus grand site de téléchargement de jeux gratuits mod apk au monde - moddroid est votre meilleur choix. moddroid vous fournit non seulement la dernière version de ダビパク 3.8.5 gratuitement, mais fournit également Freemod gratuitement, vous aidant à enregistrer la tâche mécanique répétitive dans le jeu, afin que vous puissiez vous concentrer profiter de la joie apportée par le jeu lui-même. moddroid promet que tout mod ダビパク ne facturera aucun frais aux joueurs, et il est 100% sûr, disponible et gratuit à installer. Téléchargez simplement le client moddroid, vous pouvez télécharger et installer ダビパク 3.8.5 en un seul clic. Qu'attendez-vous, téléchargez moddroid et jouez !

Jeu unique

ダビパク En tant que jeu simulation populaire, son gameplay unique lui a permis de gagner un grand nombre de fans à travers le monde. Contrairement aux jeux simulation traditionnels, dans ダビパク , vous n'avez qu'à suivre le didacticiel novice, vous pouvez donc facilement démarrer tout le jeu et profiter de la joie apportée par les jeux classiques simulation ダビパク 3.8.5. Dans le même temps, moddroid a spécialement construit une plate-forme pour les amateurs de jeux simulation, vous permettant de communiquer et de partager avec tous les amateurs de jeux simulation du monde entier, qu'attendez-vous, rejoignez moddroid et profitez du simulation jeu avec tous les partenaires mondiaux heureux

Bel écran

Comme les jeux simulation traditionnels, ダビパク a un style artistique unique, et ses graphismes, cartes et personnages de haute qualité font de ダビパク attiré de nombreux fans de simulation, et comparé aux jeux simulation traditionnels, ダビパク 3.8.5 a adopté un moteur virtuel mis à jour et effectué des améliorations audacieuses. Avec une technologie plus avancée, l'expérience d'écran du jeu a été grandement améliorée. Tout en conservant le style original de simulation, le maximum Il améliore l'expérience sensorielle de l'utilisateur, et il existe de nombreux types de téléphones mobiles apk avec une excellente adaptabilité, garantissant que tous les amateurs de jeux simulation peuvent pleinement profiter du bonheur apporté par ダビパク 3.8.5

Mod unique

Le jeu traditionnel simulation nécessite que les utilisateurs passent beaucoup de temps à accumuler leur richesse/capacité/compétences dans le jeu, ce qui est à la fois la caractéristique et le plaisir du jeu, mais en même temps, le processus d'accumulation sera inévitablement fatiguer les gens, mais maintenant, l'émergence des mods a réécrit cette situation. Ici, vous n'avez pas besoin de dépenser la majeure partie de votre énergie et de répéter ""l'accumulation"" un peu ennuyeuse. Les mods peuvent facilement vous aider à omettre ce processus, vous aidant ainsi à vous concentrer sur le plaisir du jeu lui-même

Télécharger maintenant

Cliquez simplement sur le bouton de téléchargement pour installer l'application moddroid, vous pouvez télécharger directement la version mod gratuite ダビパク 3.8.5 dans le package d'installation moddroid en un seul clic, et il y a plus de jeux mod populaires gratuits qui vous attendent pour jouer, qu'attendez-vous, téléchargez-le maintenant!

Télécharger ダビパク (MOD, Débloqué)

Télécharger APK (78.79MB)
Nous avons remplacé certains liens de téléchargement pour télécharger Moddroid APK. Vous pouvez télécharger ダビパクAvec une vitesse de téléchargement plus rapide.
L'application MODDROID a un contenu plus complet que les sites Web MODDROID.

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