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Always On Edge

Always On Edge v8.1.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

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App Name Always On Edge
Genre Tools
Size 11.89MB
Latest Version 8.1.9
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Rating 3.7/5 (3 votes)
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Always On Edge MOD APK 7.9.5, Premium Unlocked

With AOE you can customize your phone from many aspects and make it unique as you are.It contains too many features with detailed options so it can be customized as you prefer, here are some of the main features: Notification LED light • It can be customized to work in a highly flexible way within system always on display or independently, or even both like tap to light feature.• You can customize lighting color and style distinctively for each app and also for each contact or account name.• Lighting placement and style can be differentiated between screen states for example it can be set to light around camera hole while screen is on and around whole screen edges while screen is off.• with a block list to prevent it from lighting to notifications received from a particular person .• In contrast, it can ignore all notifications of an app except those from one person you care about so it will light only for it.• It also has more additional useful features like Reminder which will repeat lighting every few seconds along with a customizable sound alert and of course everything is optional.• furthermore you can choose when the app should stop lighting and how the app deal with receiving multiple notifications like mixer option which will iterate all current notifications colors.• In addition it has many options to restrict its job like prevent the app from lighting if device is charging, or battery is low, or at sleep time with more detailed control choices.• Lighting brightness can be adjusted regardless of the lighting method, on top of that you can set high brightness for lights and low brightness for other widgets like clocks and notifications icons. Edge lighting • lighting effects for multiple important events such as device charging, ongoing or outgoing calls, playing music, screen wallpaper and many other events.• as notification lighting this also can be around all screen or around front camera hole or both with many other lighting place options like led style with variety of animations. Always On Display pro Extra features for system AOD like showing it only on notifications or on charging or for few minutes after lock Custom Always On Display • Ambient display clock while screen is locked along with other widgets like notifications icons, preview panel and battery status.• those widgets are displayed along with edge lighting or independently while device is locked. Animated Wallpapers • smooth live wallpapers animated by code.• Various categories of backgrounds with unique animations like nature, romantic, technical and many other categories• customizable colors and images. Notifications Ticker • Display notification brief nicely around camera hole (notch) or on status bar. this is helpful for notifications without pop-up view so while you are using the phone and receiving a silent notifications you can directly read it without having to pull notifications panel down . Notifications preview • A list of current notifications displayed as a widget on home screen to read and access your notifications directly after unlocking AccessibilityService API Disclosure: This app contains some functions that are partially or fully dependent on android Accessibility Service API. this app main purpose is not an accessibility tool but it can be used as so by deaf or hearing impaired people like when their phone is near them and can't hear notification sound or groove then by this app lighting effects they can know from which app they got a notification and who send to them just by a glance to colors and effects set by them.

Always On Edge Introduction

Always On Edge En tant qu'application personalization très populaire récemment, elle a attiré un grand nombre d'utilisateurs qui aiment personalization partout dans le monde. Si vous souhaitez télécharger cette application, moddroid est votre meilleur choix. moddroid vous fournit non seulement la dernière version de Always On Edge 7.9.5 gratuitement, mais fournit également des mods Premium Unlocked gratuitement pour vous aider à débloquer gratuitement toutes les fonctionnalités de l'application. moddroid promet que tous les mods Always On Edge ne factureront aucun frais aux utilisateurs et qu'ils sont 100% sûrs, disponibles et gratuits à installer. Téléchargez simplement le client moddroid, vous pouvez télécharger et installer Always On Edge 7.9.5 en un seul clic. Qu'attendez-vous, téléchargez moddroid maintenant !

Caractéristiques pratiques

Always On Edge En tant qu'application personalization populaire, ses fonctions puissantes ont attiré un grand nombre d'utilisateurs. Par rapport aux applications personalization traditionnelles, Always On Edge offre une expérience plus riche et des fonctions plus puissantes. Il vous suffit de télécharger et d'installer Always On Edge 7.9.5, vous pouvez facilement découvrir toutes les fonctions, et c'est entièrement gratuit ! De plus, moddroid prend également en charge l'application personalization permettant aux fans d'échanger des expériences entre eux, de partager le bonheur qu'ils rencontrent dans l'application, qu'attendez-vous, venez la télécharger maintenant

Mod unique

moddroid fournit non seulement l'original Always On Edge 7.9.5 entièrement gratuit, mais attache également la version mod, vous offrant les fonctions Premium Unlocked gratuitement, vous pouvez découvrir le plus haut niveau de Always On Edge 7.9.5 avec la fonctionnalité la plus complète. De plus, tous les mods ont été authentifiés manuellement par moddroid, c'est 100% gratuit et disponible. Maintenant, il vous suffit de télécharger moddroid sur le client, vous pouvez télécharger et installer la version du mod Premium Unlocked Always On Edge 7.9.5 en un seul clic, puis profiter de la commodité apportée par Always On Edge !

Télécharger maintenant

Cliquez simplement sur le bouton de téléchargement pour installer l'application moddroid, vous pouvez directement télécharger la version gratuite du mod Always On Edge 7.9.5 dans le package d'installation moddroid en un seul clic, et il y a plus d'applications de mod populaires gratuites qui vous attendent pour jouer, qu'attendez-vous, téléchargez-le maintenant!

Télécharger Always On Edge (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Télécharger APK (11.89MB)
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